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Show your skilla

Showcase your cooking skills

Chefs have a platform to showcase their skills and create unique menus. Connect with new clients and grow your business with access to our customer base.
You're in control

Flexibility. No Contracts.

Work on your own terms and enjoy the freedom to manage your business and grow your culinary career without any contracts.
Instant payments

Instant payments

With Slyderz, chefs receive instant payments after completing a booking. Say goodbye to waiting for payouts!

How it works

Slyderz provides a platform to showcase their talents, connect with new clients, and grow their business. Our chefs have access to a dashboard where they can manage their availability, create and update their menus, and track their bookings. Plus, our platform makes it easy for chefs to receive payment and manage their finances, so they can focus on what they do best - cooking delicious food.

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